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 Special Price: I want you to vent! I will then cut through your fog.


$45.00 for 50 Minutes of Talk or Text. No cost follow-up session provided by text or email.

Payment Information:

PayPal and Credit cards accepted through the “Buy Now” button. Payment is safe and secure.

Consultation Options:

Phone, Email, Skype, Facebook 

Easy Consultation Scheduling Steps:

  1. Make a payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page: $45.00/50 minutes of talk or messaging time.
  2. Text “I want to schedule!” to 760-814-9952; or send an email to Or, you can always fill out the contact form below and elsewhere on this site; this method just may take a bit longer to catch up with me.
  3. I’ll get back with you by the next business day, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5 pm (PST), to arrange a convenient chat-time with you.  In some cases, we can even have our appointment right then and there!

More Information:

  • Lynna Kivela, MA, the author of the highly respected book, “My Sociopath,” has been providing personal consultations, in person, online, and on the phone, for the past several years.  All of her clients express the same sentiment: “Lynna has a better understanding of what happened to me, the true nature of my trauma, and gives more helpful and spot-on advice than my  own therapist!” It’s my opinion that you have to live through one of these relationships to completely understand the utter devastation and complete mangling of our hearts, minds and souls.  Soothing words and great advice are always given to put your heart at rest.  I encourage you to vent!
  • Lynna has an MA in Education, a BA in the Social Sciences, and Math, Resource and Learning Handicap Teaching Credentials.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and creates specialized movement routines to release trauma and anxiety from the mind, body and soul.