My Sociopath, The Book

Released, Second Edition of: “My Sociopath – An Empath’s Soul Journey Among Sociopaths”

Amazon – Second Edition – A New Subtitle, better formatting, a few new stories and some slight revisions:

Respected social media writer, Lynna Kivela, has published a hard-hitting book which provides new insights into the workings of both sociopaths and narcissists, and gives assistance to those people, often called “empaths,” who have discovered they are in a relationship with one. Her recently completed book, My Sociopath, explains why we attract and love certain people, and how we can start paying attention to our own pattern in attracting such relationships. Her theories into what creates and motivates a narcissist and sociopath are unique and innovative, and pierce into the very soul nature of this type of socially destructive behavior.

Based upon years of research and experiences in two ill-fated relationships, Lynna Kivela draws upon childhood experiences and ancient wisdom to create a captivating journey of discovery revealing why we get into relationships with damaging people, and how we can get out of them. Her soul-driven book, My Sociopath, also provides practical advice on ways to build the courage and find the creative power necessary to prevent damaging relationships from recurring in the future.

“I found this book to be highly original and enlightening. I was especially interested in it as I believe it reflects the relationship my own parents had before they divorced. My mother was almost certainly a narcissist and my father was very empathic towards her, until he could take no more. The book sheds new light on how such relationships can develop and the dynamics involved. I highly recommend this book.” David Hosier, MSc, Founder of The Childhood Trauma Recovery Network

Lynna Kivela is not only a math and special education teacher, but a writer who specializes in the psychological nature of relationships. She has a B.A. in Social Science, Resource, Math, and Learning Handicap Teaching Credentials, an M.A. in Special Education and is a certified Yoga Instructor.

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