10 Phrases Used by A Sociopath When Posting Images of New Supply

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1. “She’s The Love of My Life,” or the “I Found The Love of My life,” variation.

Wait, didn’t you just have another, a different, Love of Your Life, plastered all over social media just six months ago?

But it’s all good: Your unthinking, un-evolved blind and mad ‘liking’ hanger-ons don’t think much past yesterday. Nothing like ‘hearting,’ and ‘thumb-upping,’ and ‘smiley-exciting’ someone’s bad behavior. Way to support the Cool Dude over his trail of “crazy, angry, bi-polar, cheating, using” women.

2. “I Got Lucky, This Time.”

Are you trying to say that your last “perfect one,” or your last “love of your life,” or the last image that you plastered all over social media was not “The Time?” But we all thought it was? So how can we believe you now? Are you trying to send a cruel message to your last supply, or act the victim with your flying-monkey followers, or perhaps both? I love all the ‘liking’ by your toxic followers who are supporting your victim-boy persona and your viciousness toward your “Last Love of Your Life.”

And “You got lucky?” Love is not “luck.” Love is hard work, honesty, loyalty, and oh, moral integrity. Since you have none of these qualities, I guess you do need “luck.” So in a way, “I Got Lucky, this Time,” is sort of accurate.

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3. “She’s Perfect.”

That’s extraordinary because no one is “perfect,” I mean that is besides you in your delusional head. The fact that you publicly broadcast something as ridiculous as this, and to a bunch of mere strangers, means that you have the emotional development of a turnip. I’m sorry to insult the turnips of the world.

Not to mention the impact of your statement on the most recent “perfect” supply. She is now set-up for a disaster…meaning, every time it is revealed that she is not “perfect,” or should I say, whenever it is revealed that she is a human, you will gaslight her, torment her, triangulate her, and ruin and destroy her; and, ultimately, isolate her from all your “perfect” followers and other members of your Perfect Sociopath Club. She will easily turn into the bad one, and crazy, and bi-polar; and thanks to the fact that you sit around on social-media all day, you now know the “borderline” word and can easily throw this label at any woman who doesn’t fall for your lies, cons, and manipulations.

Further note:  Our mothers and grandmothers were all “bi-polar;” we are all now borderline or histrionic. A generational shift in terminology when in fact, many of a good woman can act “crazy” because she is traumatized by a man. (And a traumatized woman will, in turn, traumatize a man; and round and round we go; or is it vice-versa? I will save this chicken-egg debate for another writing.)


4. “The Best Year of My Life” while displaying New Supply … again.

Then, may I ask, what was that weird freak, picture-show with you and that other “She’s Perfect” that you were displaying to your followers just a year before?

It seems as if Every Year is The Best Year of Your Life and it’s funny how this coincides with The New Supply for That Year.

I must partially agree with you on this one. You are having The Best Years of Your Life, every year, while the rest of us are lying in a heap of your Three-Ring Circus Sh*t Show. Thanks a lot. I’m sure The Next Year of Your Life is Going to Be Your Best Year of Your Life, too. I wonder who the next She’s Amazing, She’s Perfect, and She’s the Love of My Life is going to be next? That leads me to:

5. “She’s Amazing.”

Similar to “She’s Perfect.” No one is “amazing.” Sure, some of us may have more “amazing” moments than others but overall, we’re all just average; that is, except for you, you’re below-average but hide this fact behind your love-bombing, controlling our social, mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and by being a perverted and compulsive sex-addict that we wrongly confuse for an intense and emotional love-making connection.

We are all flawed humans. Give it a year, okay maybe 2-6 months, and she’s going to be bi-polar, borderline, angry, a whore, a cheater, crazy, a stalker, a jealous ex. You only think “she’s amazing” because you are horny for new supply but once you’ve had her a few times she’s going to be boring and a non-challenge. You are only driven by the challenge and once you win the ‘challenge’ your dull and lifeless soul reveals its ugly head and you need another She’s Amazing to make you feel alive.

Try being your own Amazing. I know that takes independent work and alone time, but you can do it. Nah, maybe not.

6. “She’s a Hot Mess.”

More typically said by the bad-boy type of narcissist/sociopath. An unthinking, shallow, trend phrase. She’s likely not “hot” but over-sexualized and excessively made-up in appearance & dramatic in interactions with others; and, well, the “mess” word implies that she’s crazy in bed. Do you really want a woman that is out-of-control in bed? She’s either emulating porn-scenes to try to sexually and then emotionally capture you, or she’s been around the block way too many times.

I know “crazy” is really awesome in bed but side-note: that frantic and wild jumping around is not normal, nor are the fake loud screams; ah-hum…I hate to break it to you but those are fake orgasms. Yes, many women make fake orgasm sounds to hook the man and to get the awful sex act that you wrongly believe is amazing, over with. I really wandered there. In reality, your “Hot Mess” is pretending she’s a porn-star to ‘play’ you, just like you’re playing her. And I know, you know that women fake orgasms – but never with you. You’re such a Hot Guy Mess.

Mr. Oh, who was featured in a chapter in my book, explained to me that “yes, women fake orgasms, but never with me.” Ah-hum, Okay.

On another turn of this coin: I particularly enjoy my fellow females that refer to themselves as “Hot Messes.” Who are you trying to attract and convince of your “sexiness?” I hope it’s not fellow females. And if you’re trying to convince your male followers that you’re a Hot Mess in Bed and simply disorganized but super sexy and in need of manly assistance, good luck with the quality of fellow you will certainly attract with that. And no need to emulate the rough and misogynist speech pattern of the male who demeans women through language. Men do that enough for us, we don’t need to do it to ourselves.

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7. “It’s Complicated,” as a status post.

Yes, it is Complicated because you are crazy and driving her crazy. Why don’t you “un-complicate” yourself first before you sit on social-media gathering ridiculous ‘likes’ and flying-monkeys? Just saying.

You are likely triangulating her, you know what I mean: that flirting with other women: the ol’ “she’s my friend” game.

Further Note: By the way, she’s NOT your friend and we know it. It is rare and unusual for a man and a woman to be true friends – without one or the other, or both, feeling sexual energy or hoping for ‘more’ in the end. Of course there are exceptions to this: Older men who are low in testosterone; gay individuals; and a guy and gal who grew up together and who never had an attraction toward one another.

But for the most part: Men and women get together to f***; they are NOT “friends.”

The whole male-female psychotic “friend” notion of our current-time is non-thinking chatter that manipulative people use as a triangulation weapon, a control device, against their primary partner. It is also a game-word that the two men and women involved, the two so-called “friends,” employ between each other, as a means to use each other for entertainment, a distraction, a buffer for other complicated personal relationships, and maid or handyman services. People enter into relationships with an agenda, whether they admit to it or not, and this particularly applies to male/female “friends.”

Okay, let’s go with it: “It is complicated.” You poor thing. But who, in the right mind, advertises that!

8. “She’s The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.”

This is so wrong and a red-flag on so many levels. Knowing what I know now about your crazy type, you know what I mean by “your crazy type?’: always advertising nonsense on social media, constantly “liking” other people’s posts so that you build up your flying-monkey crowd of supporters, but most of all plastering a “new supply face” all over your shallow social-media page every several months to perhaps – at your best – two years.

No one, absolutely no one, can “happen to you” and ultimately make you great. Isn’t that what you’re implying? Aren’t you also implying that you’re a sh*t and have been a sh*t in the past because “the others *weren’t* the best thing that ever happened to you?” I get it, it’s everyone else’s fault. But despite your social-media manipulation of words and images, here’s the reality:

No one is going to make you “great,” or be a “great” appendage to bring out your “greatness,” because you are inherently disturbed and refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. Perhaps if you got off of social-media, stopped worrying about your fake image, and feeding your flying monkeys and news-feed with nonsense wording and revolving supply images, you could work on “being the best thing that ever happened to *OTHERS.*”

Never mind…

9. “She’s Made Me a Better Man.”

This one sounds really awesome but if we look further into it, it’s a manipulation of words. First, you are *almost* taking responsibility for your past relationship problems – but in a very strange way. You’re half admitting to something, a vague something, but for social-media eyes only. It seems as if you are communicating with an ex, or exes, and are trying to let them know that they weren’t good enough to “make you a better man.” That it’s their fault that you are a sh*t.

Also, you are trying to explain away your revolving targets that have been displayed in a constant stream of blurriness on your feed. It’s a “I was good before, maybe a blemish or two, but nothing serious at all, but now, I’m super amazing….” sort of thing.

Mostly, you are saying that “good women make good men.” Essentially, you are not taking responsibility for your previous life-long train-wrecks but attempting to put this burden on the backs of previous supply … while pedestaling and idealizing new supply. Genius.

10. “It’s Fresh.”

If you think I’m making this one up, I assure you I’m not.

My Sociopath used this all over social-media as he was posting images of his new supply. This meant, obviously, that I was “Not Fresh.” I was old supply, or to get down to the truth, I was supply that no longer looked at him with admiring eyes as the Prince on the White Horse. I called him out on his lies, frauds, and manipulations, financial irresponsibility (mostly with my money), high-risk and irresponsible behaviors, and tried to make him an honest and accountable person. Big mistake when dealing with someone with a personality and/or mental disorder.


I really don’t know what’s worse: The sociopath’s public display of his latest revolving supply or all the followers that support his abuse of women.

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Top Image: Poster La Comédie. crazy happiness, Chéret, Jules (1836-1932), French painter and lithographer who became a master of Belle Époque poster art. He has been called the father of the modern poster. By Liszt Collection


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

One thought on “10 Phrases Used by A Sociopath When Posting Images of New Supply”

  1. Excellent. Recognised a lot of that sadly especially the ‘ friends’ bit. The way things change when you call them out, the complete lack of accountability the numerous job changes, unexplained absences, withholding sex.

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