Where Are The Real Alpha Males?

The Alpha Male and Cluster B’s: And some defining differences between the sociopath and the narcissist:

My Sociopath cringed and spit inner-venom when faced with an alpha male. The sociopath has to be top-dog and this is why he picks on and overpowers women and why his enabling male supporters are more effeminate in nature (men without dominate male characteristics).

This is because the sociopath is no man at all but gets to play a ‘man’ around the weaker sex and weaker people in general. The sociopath’s cover is blown around an alpha male because the alpha male sees right through him. Not only does the alpha male see right through the sociopath, but the alpha male cannot be manipulated, “bought,” controlled, or made into a flying monkey. But most importantly, the alpha male is competition in the area of real manhood; not fake and manufactured manhood.

You must know that though sociopaths appear as the “man in charge,” deep down they are cowards. All bullies are cowards.

My Sociopath was such a coward that if an alpha male walked into our business, and I should wait on him, his sociopath eyes flickered and darted with evil. When the alpha male left, I was interrogated and accused of “checking out his crotch.” The sociopath then made me do a ‘crotch comparison’ or determine who had the better looking crotch – the sociopath or the alpha male? Sociopaths are primal, devolved, and base; nothing of a higher-level going on with them. I cringe that I lowered myself to live this hellish life.

What has my life become that I just wrote about “crotch comparisons?” 

Narcissists, on the other hand, will want to befriend the alpha male. Why? Narcissists are more into name and title-dropping. Narcissists are better at using other people to make themselves look good and depend more on their social connections to gain a sense of their own identity.

Sure, My Sociopath used me to look good as well…but I was also in a weaker position so I remained on his puppet-string. A male sociopath will not target an alpha female that is bitchy and aggressive.  Hence, some sociopaths will target Filipinas and Asians because they deem them as ‘weaker’ (though they may put on the weak and submissive facade, they can be just as manipulative and crafty as any other woman).

Back to the narcissist: Narcissists can stand on their own – hold their own – more than a sociopath, so the alpha male will not be such an overwhelming threat to the narcissist. Also, narcissists have more of a core-identity than does the sociopath. Sociopaths are blanks, voids and this is why they take on our identity and our core-way of being. Narcissists are more self-identified than the sociopath. Basically, a narcissist can stand head-to-head with another male; sure in his head he may be thinking duel but the feeling of camaraderie, or hanging out with a cool male, may override his feeling to draw out his sword.

Sociopaths will not be attracted to the Borderline woman. Why? Borderline women are often histrionic and as a result, engage in not only wild sex, but love bombing. Love bombing and wild sex are more aggressive traits or typical male qualities. And just like the alpha male, borderline women are too much work and too much of a threat for the sociopath male.

Imprisoned by W1zzy DeviantArt
The female borderline and her outer-crazy is a dominating match to the sociopath’s inner-crazy and the sociopath will not be dominated. And there is no way that the male sociopath will risk the female borderline/histrionic cheating on him. The sociopath is not only the main cheater of the relationship, but the only cheater allowed.

We were not permitted to have sex with anyone before the sociopath came along and he will make damn sure to slander, smear and triangulate us after so that we can never have sex with anyone else ever again. Not to mention that he destroyed our physical, mental, emotional, and financial health so much that it takes us years to bounce back enough to go out and have sex again.

You might say that the borderline woman is similar to an alpha male but with a different “male” approach that is more crazy and acting-out in nature. But unlike the cool, reserved, in-control alpha male, the borderline female is an out-of-control dominant “male.” Yes, I’m saying that borderline women are aggressive and therefore imbued with manly qualities. And going back to the beginning of this writing, sociopaths are intimidated by manly-men that may compete with their fake “manhood” and within their controlled environment.

However, the narcissist will be attracted to the borderline and histrionic female. Again, the narcissist identifies himself more with the appearance of the “cool crowd” and is less threatened by the members of these “cool circles.”

And many borderline and histrionic women are aggressive in their mannerisms: hanging out in bars and clubs; boobs hanging out; drugs and/or alcohol; loud music; and sexualized tattoos and piercings. The narcissist feels flattered that such a woman would be hanging all over him in a public situation. And the narcissist would not be threatened by, nor feel in competition with, the more manly traits of a borderline such as hyper-sex, love-bombing, cheating, and other more manly-qualities but instead, he will be more aroused and flattered by it.

dark clouds before a thunder-storm shutterstock
The male narcissist is fooled and flattered by the fake screams, the fake orgasms and the unnatural and inauthentic jumping around that the female borderline/histrionic engages in during sex with him (part of her love bombing; her pretend porn-scene acting; her trying to win him back after cheating). The narcissist believes himself to be Zeus with the best penis on Olympus. This same behavior during sex may intimidate the sociopath because the sociopath has to be in control of the sex (this is not saying they are good at sex – just in control of it).

My Sociopath was repulsed by hyper-sexual and aggressive women (again, too much competition for his ‘manhood’).

To summarize: The sociopath preys upon the teacher, the nurse, the nurturer, the care-taker. The narcissist, on the other hand, may end up with a borderline and/or histrionic (though this union will be explosive, volatile, and hell on earth).

To cut through this even more: I think that I just wrote that narcissists are more “manly” than sociopaths. That’s not saying a lot because sociopaths are not men at all – but are bullies and cowards that pick on girls and manipulate girlish-men.

Did I write that the alpha male is the true man? Yes. But before you go seeking an alpha male, make sure that the using and manipulating narcissist or sociopath is not taking on the appearance of an alpha male. They can all look similar. And to be brutally honest, there are so few real alpha males out there that it is unlikely we will find one. I give up.

We need more alpha males on this planet: not spineless men who enable sociopaths; not sociopaths and narcissists who appear like alpha males; not borderline/histrionic females that act like males. Yes, alpha males “control” women and their environment but this is not the same as destroying a woman and her environment, nor does it mean to manipulate and use a woman, and it certainly does not mean to use and mistreat a woman because she is kind and forgiving. 

Real alpha males take care of and protect women – not bad women, but good women. You know the Aphrodite and Ares thing. Yes, Ares was a war god but he was also courageous and he defended truth, understanding, and the underdog. Sociopaths and narcissists are not courageous, but are cowards, who use and exploit those they deem weaker.

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