The Sociopath’s ‘Exchange of Service’ Game

What happens when the sociopath is incarcerated and he no longer has direct access to outside supply? Does he try to seek it in prison?

I believe we can transfer what the sociopath/narcissist does in his ‘normal,’ everyday existence to that of prison life.

Everything is a deal, an exchange, a “You give me this, I give you that…You do for me, I do for you” for a sociopath. This is how they create a dysfunctional group of enablers and how they manage to keep these toxic supporters hanging on.

My Sociopath gloatingly calls himself a computer hacker (sociopaths are boasters about their creepiness). In addition, he does camera installation and surveillance. Most sociopaths are into gps monitoring, spying, trolling, recording and surveying people. They have no control over their own lives, no sense of independence from an obsessive, possessive, dramatic ‘relationship,’ no concept of universal love and evolution, so they must control the lives of others. They have no real and authentic self-esteem and as a result, cannot lead a higher and more evolved life, so they believe that through monitoring others, they are in control of their surroundings.

Subsequently and as an example, My Sociopath offers people “free camera installation and surveillance” if they sign a letter, that he’s written, regarding what a “great guy” his is. He then submits these letters, as his exhibits, for his ongoing familycourt cases. Of course, unthinking, devolved, yet excited people would sign such a letter because they just received a really cool, and free, technological service. Of course this exchange goes in reverse: the sociopath offers the “free service” first and then gets happy and satisfied customers to sign his self-written and glorious letters.

My Sociopath also does similar with the workers at his electronic repair shop. He hires desperate people (the unemployed, the homeless, the undocumented immigrants) at very low pay and provides them with free food – this free food given to the sociopath by another customer that the sociopath provided a free electronic repair/installation service to.

It’s a circular exchange of lowly dysfunction and everyone is festering in a cesspool of their own drool; though these participants think they are outsmarting the laws of nature.

Another example being: Someone may bring an electronic item in need of repair to My Sociopath’s repair shop: My Sociopath would rather sit on social media – spying, lurking and luring in people with his “great guy” image and doing weird winky faces to ingratiate himself to others – so that if the item in need of repair requires more serious time or effort to fix – he puts on a despairing act to the customer, who paid a high diagnostic fee, that he did everything he could, he can’t find the parts to repair it…but he, for instance, will hack their girlfriend’s computer. The miserable customer will happily go along with this, in addition to their thinking, what a great and cool guy.

My Sociopath benefits further: he takes great delight in creeping into the lives of others.  He has a thumb-drive available at all times, attached via a hook on his belt loop, and inserts the thumb-drive into the computer he is repairing/hacking to gather all the data for his glossy-eyed review later.

But this exchange can get more twisty: If the customer happens to be a real estate agent, for example, My Sociopath will add in promises that he will employ them to manage his next real estate transaction along with his woe is me, I tried to fix your item for five long hours but it’s un-fixable (while taking their diagnostic fee). When I was with the sociopath, he made promises to four different real estate agents that he would hire them. They all left happy with their still broken electronic item and out $65.00.

(To further dwell into another aspect of sociopath sickness: When a small real estate transaction did come up in My Sociopath’s life, he chose the fifth real estate agent that entered his business (out of sight, out of mind for the previous four agents) and then cried to each one of the preceding agents, that I was mean and didn’t want them to be hired for the transaction. He blamed me and further won these other four agents over – despite screwing them over – with woe is me…she’s a terrible woman. I wanted to hire you, but she wouldn’t let me. Win-win for the sociopath.)

Final example: My Sociopath destroyed his previous wife and child by immediately jumping online to pull in another target. Why? Because this previous wife and child went on a trip together and without the sociopath. Sociopaths can’t be alone and feel dejected when their imprisoned target does something independent, free and away from sociopath control.

The new target he found online was a man jumper and always had to be in a relationship. My Sociopath moved in with her immediately and before the wife and child returned from their trip. He later met the now ex wife and his child at the airport, upon their return trip home, and greeted them with a “Haha, I moved in with another woman.”

The sociopath’s new target lived in a home with a $4,500/month mortgage (we live in coastal SoCalif). The Sociopath offered her a deal: I’ll pay $900/month to share your house but will cut the grass and change the oil on your car and will do other miscellaneous handyman services. The new target was so desperate to have yet another male in her life, and thinking she had a great god and protector in her presence, she agreed to this arrangement. In the meantime, My Sociopath hung out at his forever failing ‘electronic repair business’ gossiping, online obsessing, triangulating the newest target against everyone that walked into the business and smearing this new target with his and her own family members, and sucking in other toxic enablers for ‘exchange of services.’

As you will see, everything is an ‘exchange of service’ for a sociopath: “You do for me, I do for you.” However upon closer look, the sociopath is always benefiting way more than their unsuspecting and often apathetic ‘exchange partner.’

This all transfers into the jail environment. If an inmate has sociopath or narcissistic tendencies, he will apply his expertise or skill (reading, writing, oratory, instructing on a how-to craft, leader of the bible study, bodyguard or peacemaker…) to create a group of, who he deems lower and weaker minded, prisoners around him to get what he wants; this could be better and more food, the more desirable bunk in the cell, more cigarettes or other jail privileges. But mostly, this sociopath prisoner will likely win favor with the guards and warden by being a people-pleaser so as to get out of prison early for good behavior.

Long time

In addition, most jails give their inmates access to the internet, the privilege to write letters and to talk on the phone (though limited). The sociopath prisoner will be love-bombing people on the outside; he will be doing the “woe is me – she/he did this to me – I’m misunderstood – I’m the victim” to keep a previous intimate relationship in place and to attract new sympathizers.  Just think of all the women that fell in love with Ted Bundy when he was incarcerated and Bundy married one of these disordered women (likely histrionic or borderline) while he was on death row.

All the above does not apply to a psychopath. Psychopaths are not as covert and cunningly manipulative as the sociopath or narcissist, and as a result will have more angry outbursts and be the cause of much of the overt friction and disorderly conduct that goes on in a prison. Still, however, the psychopath will attract crazy followers and supporters on the outside (during Ted Bundy’s time it was through letters and phone calls…now they have limited internet time…even scarier).

For a final thought: Sociopaths are in the prison of their own making whether behind bars or not. Can you imagine not having an authentic self of being, a core foundation of who you are and what you stand for but instead, your entire existence depends upon the movements of others…the validation of others…the attracting of one toxic and obsessive relationship after the next…the destruction of others who don’t fall in line…Of having no sense of The Whole, of Inner Spirit that drives you toward a Higher Purpose, of Who you really are and What you’re supposed to be doing in the Big Scheme of this one very short life…

Lynna, Author of “My Sociopath”

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Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

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