u Do you

What a talented writer. Describes the emotionally and psychologically confusing and ultimately devastating relationship-cycle with a sociopath or narcissist so well.

u do you



Musings by Paul In-Ca

liesyou emptied us

This poem, song, rap, whatever it is to you, personally I both flow parts of it, and sing other parts, comes from a memory early on in my self imposed 22 month sentence with the sadistic, covert malignant narcissist, and the absolute wealth of psychological information I’ve gotten in quest of my soulmate, as I didn’t want a PhD’s worth of psychopathy knowledge, just a significant other, but it’s like I took the “other” pill, and down the rabbit hole I went. So the knowledge I have after 3 years of dealing with the demon in human skin, Michelle Dawn Howard Deardoff, would have come in real handy when about 3 months in she subjected me to the first, and my first ever silent treatment, I told her how I felt about it, and rather than apologize, and move forward she went on some long narrative, and after about 15…

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Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

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