Heal From A Sociopath Using Your Emotions: Take Back Your Emotional Power

Emotions are a good thing to express despite the prevalent and false rhetoric that those who show emotions are out-of-control. But in this rhetoric is the key: Express emotions in a controlled and consistent way and with a foundation of your integrity, character, higher-spirit, and with focus on the greater good. This is expanding your emotional body to meet with your physical and mental body. You are using intelligence and wisdom to express HIGH emotions in a physical world through actions.
Socrates Teaching Before His Execution

The Artist, Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Painter, Singer, Dancer, Service-Worker for the sick and needy (humans and animals) are examples of people who express higher and controlled emotions. Socrates, up until the moment of his death by execution (drinking poison), sat in a prison teaching words of wisdom to his followers and students who so desperately needed to hear his last thoughts on the meaning of life.

Controlled emotions is not the dead look, dead expression, monotone voice of a person quoting a spiritual or bible verse.  This is just creepy.

Being religious or spiritual does not mean that when a person in crisis approaches you, you simply repeat: “We are all brothers…see the light.” This is not controlled emotions: this is cruelty disguised as spirituality and it is abusive to the person in need.

Controlled emotions is not of cold detachment but it is of being there, present in the moment, to spiritually unit with people on their level and to try to help in any good way possible and within your means.

Controlled emotions is not doing the following on social media: swearing; over-posting; posting nonsense and meaningless words and selfies that lack a higher purpose; or mass exposing our children, love-life, or dates (our pets are okay though:)). Social media is a great tool for expanding the consciousnesses of humanity and should only be used for a higher purpose.

Nor does controlled emotions mean to publicly fight it out with someone, on the internet or in real life, by revealing them, your squabble, or basically your one-sided and often warped version of events, to a mass of others to gain validation and support. This is called bullying.

It is okay, however, to seek others, that are directly involved and relevant to the situation, to help and guide you through your conflict. But this is to be done with a loving heart and with an openness to see your own errors.  This is controlled emotions.

But how does all this relate to Sociopaths?

Sociopaths lack any sense of controlled emotions. Controlled emotions are based on the consistency of wisdom and truth that is grounded in integrity, character, endurance and focus. Think of the bulling example that I just noted. Sociopaths create hatred, confusion and bullying between people (triangulating).
Sociopaths have none of the traits or characteristics listed above. Let’s rename them: wisdom, truth, integrity, character, endurance, focus…

Sociopaths are such chaotic forces amongst us, and the innocent people, children and pets that surround us, because they do not have an emotional body connected to their physical body, soul or higher spirit. (Not to mention their damaged mental body – a different topic for discussion.) Sociopaths are disconnected entities…lost and forever seeking instant gratification…they are never satiated…for long..

Warning! Be Careful of those who come across too “spiritual.”

True satiation comes through soul purpose and this is an inner-process,  and must be sought through individual and higher work. Sociopaths are incapable of inner-work; everything they do is to seek external pleasure and attention. However, be careful, some sociopaths take on the superficial image of a religious or spiritual person seeking enlightenment. Be cautious of anyone that exudes too much “spirituality.” Truly spiritual people don’t come across “spiritual” because they are too busy working for the earth, animals and humanity as a whole.
The sociopath’s emotional body is a cloudy and blurred mess of a mass that haphazardly surrounds them, not securely attaching to their physical body (etheric double), nor their higher mental body (causal, soul).

A sociopath merely seeks instant satisfaction, gratification, pleasure, attention, validation for each and every moment of his existence; nothing for him/her is based on firmly attached and healthy emotions regarding who he/she is, REALLY IS, without another person, obsession, or a shallow material object defining what is in reality, his temporary and fleeting “meaning.”

Everything a sociopath is and does is to obtain loneliness-relief for his sick and obsessively needy emotions that centers around gaining acceptance, attention and approval. A sociopath is perpetually lonely, no matter who they gather around them for boredom relief, and nothing and no one can ever satiate them for long. This is why nothing in their life ever endures or lasts.

If you pay attention, sociopaths emit a chaotic, unbalanced, and unfocused energy (look at their eyes: either predatory or deadened) of dulled muddy colors of dark-brown and grey. This is in contrast to the enlightened artist, philosopher, or true service-worker for humanity who has a well-defined emotional aura that is secured to their physical and mental life – their words match their actions and the life they lead – and radiates clear colors of bright apple green, tints of rose, and blue tones.

In a nutshell: Sociopaths are erratic, inconsistent, spoiled, entitled, untrustworthy, unpredictable, unreliable, selfish and because of this, will always go through life causing destruction to everything and everyone that surrounds them. Nothing they do is based in truth, endurance or reality. Everything sociopaths do is in pursuit of low-lust and attention with a sickened energy of their selfish need for obsessive and neurotic control.

Sociopaths are out-of-control and ruin lives just to run to their next food, drink, sex, attention, validation, mother care-taking, codependent and often toxically needy source (a human-lust object) that crosses their path and glances their way.

Here’s the most important point though and one that will bring you solace:

Sociopaths ruin their own lives because they are so out-of-touch with any sense of a healthy, steadfast, focused, and grounded emotional existence that they don’t even realize it…they see and realize NOTHING. Remember the clouded mess of a murky mass of an undefined and brownish, greyish emotional body that surrounds them? Sociopaths do NOT introspect for this would require alone-time and sociopaths cannot be alone. This is why they relationship-jump themselves into ruination after ruination without ever seeing, let alone stopping, their destructive life-pattern. Essentially, Sociopaths keep destroying themselves over and over without pause or reflection (of course it’s always the fault of someone else, hehe).

Let sociopaths go from one erratic emotional mess to the next. In the mean time, keep yourself safe and become that Artist, Philosopher, Dancer, Singer, Poet, Writer, Worker for Humanity…Be a Creator. This is the true, healing, enduring, and prospering emotional life that is attached to both the physical world of great actions and to the mental world of high thoughts and learning.

Emotions are great. Show and express them well. Through a healthy and focused emotional life, we heal from the chaos and destruction that the sociopath’s out-of-control emotional body caused us. Take control of your Emotional Body for healing through great and focused creations.

Lynna, Author of “My Sociopath – An Empath’s Soul Journey Among Sociopaths.”
Now on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

2 thoughts on “Heal From A Sociopath Using Your Emotions: Take Back Your Emotional Power”

  1. More awesomeness and truth while on my journey to recovery, or should I say the recovery journey. I purchased the book yesterday, and I’m just enthralled with all of the parallels and truths. Thank you.

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