My Wishes for you in 2016

My Wishes for You in 2016:


1. Do not be that person desperately chasing love and attention.

Do not seek desperate attention.  Do not try to transform everyone you meet into a source of romance, attention or into a sexual partner.

Instead:  Work on strengthening and improving yourself, your home, your family, your job, your mind, your heart, your art.  Do charity work.

2. Do not sell yourself out on social media or dating sites.

Instead:  Focus on the people who’ve always been in your life and who need you the most.  Meet good people in libraries, in museums, in educational environments, doing charity work and on walks.  Create friendships and work-driven endeavors that revolve around an art, a new educational pursuit, a creative or business venture, or charity work.  Only use social media as a tool for a business or charity or to spread intelligent awareness.

3. Do not lower yourself to the current primitive norms of society:

Over-exposure of body parts; sexting; low-level sex; selfies; “partying;” attention-seeking and instant gratification behaviors; constant texting and obsessive preoccupation with your phone; excessive social media preoccupation and over-posting; obsessive and compulsive flirting; low-grade seductive behavior (seduction is a game of manipulation).

Instead:  Act with Grace and Dignity.  What ever the current low-level phase of humanity is going through, do and be the opposite.  When others are disgracing themselves for low-level attention and stimulation, be intelligent, pure and clean.

4. Do not be consumed with spiritual (“new age”) or religious quotes, readings, ideology, rhetoric or agendas.

Instead:  Act by doing Good Work.  Do helpful deeds and actions for humans, the earth, and the animals.  Avoid airy and lofty words but instead focus on direct action for your own betterment and for those around you.  There has to come a point in your life where you incorporate all your spiritual and/or religious knowledge into direct and good action to positively enhance those around you and to help advance humanity.  Stop reading, thinking, and talking and start DOING.  

5. Do not remain silent when someone is hurting another human being or animal.

Instead:  Speak as a teacher with intelligence, wisdom, guidance, and love. Compassion is NOT remaining silent when destruction is occurring – that is Sociopathy or Apathy and Abusive – but it is speaking with truth and heart to stop more hurt from spiraling outward toward others.

6.  Do not be sad when alone.  People that cannot be alone, seek out the company of most anyone that shows up.  This often leads to miserable and unhealthy outcomes.  

Instead:  Use lone time to set the foundations for expansion of yourself to grow in new and brilliant ways.  Take steps to improve your diet, health, home and financial surroundings.  When your inner sanctuary is clean and functioning you can then present yourself to the world in a brilliant way that serves the good of humanity.  You will not be desperate for people-attention but you will instead naturally gather healthy people around you that are fellow soul-workers for the earth and humanity.

In this, you will Never be Alone and Your 2016 will be Spectacular!



Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

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