Sociopaths Lie About Being College Graduates: It’s the easiest lie to tell because there is no way to verify

Sociopaths seek constant external stimulation and cannot do solo activities such as reading, learning, and studying.  It is unlikely that a Sociopath has an education much beyond high school; no matter what they claim.  Sociopaths are extremely disorganized; their brains are in constant chaos.  (The unlikely chance of not graduating from college does not apply to a person with narcissism or borderline personality disorder as the primary disorder.)

My Sociopath claims to have graduated from Istanbul University with a Bachelor’s Degree.  That is not super high-achieving like a Master’s or PhD but still, pretty good.  He calls himself an Archeologist though he never worked a day in his life as an Archeologist and his supposed “degree” was achieved 40 years ago.

I found this perplexing because not only is he far from being an Archeologist but he cannot concentrate long enough to read more than 2 sentences.  His English writing abilities are atrocious (he uses this as a ‘handicap’ to attract enabling women to do his writing for him; many women fall into this trap because they feel needed and their nurturing nature comes out).  His writing is even atrocious beyond that of a second-language learner.  Plus, he came to America many decades ago and even a long time ago, at Istanbul University, many requirements were to be read/written in English.  Also, Turks begin learning English in the 3rd grade.

He manipulated me into campaigning for him to get him on an HOA board.  His main goal was to destroy the current management team and the HOA’s president.  He had a personal beef against both.  He convinced me of their evilness (I feel bad to this day) and he would save the homeowners (in a position of ‘power’ to be admired).  He was assigned to be the treasurer of the HOA.  Upon receiving his first packet regarding the financials of the association, he could barely read one word of it.  But they were numbers; numbers are the same in both English and Turkish.  I did all the reviewing numbers for him, month after month, and presented him with summaries.  I highlighted the important numbers for him so he could point out the pressing issues as he sat in front of the homeowners (sociopaths seek out others to do their work for them).  He would get confused by my highlights, not remember my summary, and look dead as treasurer.

His motivation went from destroying the old team to seeking admiration; the real work that this position entailed was a tiny bit of self-study and that was impossible for him.  He didn’t have someone paying attention to him, he didn’t feel powerful and he didn’t feel in control of anyone as he put in a bit of personal study time to look over the financials.  If he spent some lone-time learning the financials, he might miss out on something.  He couldn’t even process my highlights.

My Sociopath never spent one moment in quiet contemplation, never read one page of a book, magazine, or newspaper, and he could not sit still to watch even a good quality television program.  However, his small, creepy, garage business was cluttered and overfilled with books and he never read one of them; I was more enthralled by his dirty collection of molded books than he was.

A book would not admire him.  A book would not glow upon him.  A book would not mother and nurture him and cater to his immense inner cravings that could never be satiated.  He had no use in books.  He had to be in the faces of people constantly.  He had to be trolling on the internet.  He was on every single social media site possible (odd for a 60-year-old man).  He was constantly ‘friending’ strangers, constantly hitting ‘like.’ He had to be controlling everyone and everything that surrounded him.  He had to be crying on the streets that he was a victim of me; and before I came along, he was crying on the streets that he was abused by his other exes and children.  He couldn’t sleep at night; he sat up half the night, computer in lap, scrolling, trolling, tapping.

How then could he get through all those years of college?  College takes dedication, commitment and fortitude; you cannot suck off the attention of someone else to self-learn, to self-study, to self-absorb, process, and manifest concepts.  You cannot manipulate an enabling woman or weak man to do it for you (well, okay, a few assignments maybe; but a whole degree?).  It didn’t make sense.  He has no ability for personal growth; only to destroy exes and children and those who he feels step on his toes; only to destroy those he cannot manipulate and control.

He found my Master’s diploma hidden in the bottom of one of my old boxes that was pushed way back in an unused closet (constantly snooping, spying: must maintain constant and complete control over everyone, everything, and everyplace).  He made numerous copies of it and hung them everywhere, even at our business.  I was embarrassed.

My degree became his reflection.  I was his property; therefore, my degree was his property; a reflection of his achievement too.  Sociopaths have no identity; they take on the identity of their current target.  I asked him why he didn’t hang his diploma instead.  His face turned dead; his countenance was like that of a reptile.

I have no doubt that he may have attended college.  However, attending college is different from graduating.  Sociopaths must control every aspect of their external environment, must stay in control of their social surroundings and cannot concentrate and focus inwardly.  Sociopaths look and act ADHD; they run in circles but don’t get anything done; they are muddled messes of intense cravings for outer stimuli.  They constantly exclaim of their hard work but it is all exaggerations.  Studying and learning is a lone activity and Sociopaths cannot do anything by themselves; they must constantly absorb the energy of others!  They do not have their own energy but suck off of others.  College requires one’s own energy!

Did he graduate in 1984 or 1990 from Istanbul University?  You’d think that would be an important year to remember.  Excuse the fun I had with my new “Paint” program, hehe.  And, really: I’m the only one that notices his insanity?  Gotta love those enablers.:/

Lynna, My Sociopath – Struck by A Sociopath

1990 Graduate


Now, he graduated in 1984 from Istanbul University.
Now, he graduated in 1984 from Istanbul University.





Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

3 thoughts on “Sociopaths Lie About Being College Graduates: It’s the easiest lie to tell because there is no way to verify”

  1. OMG! Lynna! My ex did the same with my master’s degree. He insisted that I allow him to have it framed for me! He has zero formal education and although he likes to say he feels more educated than any American frat boy due to his life experiences of living between the US and Argentina his entire life, he always had to bring up my degrees. Very embarrassing. Just proves they aren’t even secure in their own delusions and they need us to perpetuate the fantasy for them.

    1. Yes, Paula. Hehe. Our degrees become their’s. They absorb EVERYTHING ABOUT US. They have NO Identity of their own. I went back in to add about their “collection of books” that they don’t read, have never read, and will never read. I was blurrie eyed, late last night, wanted to add it but was faint from exhaustion. I discovered my “Paint” program and got obsessed with trying to figure out how to take a “screenshot,” crop it, then white-out his last name and city (should have just kept it on there, damnit, ha!) and then adding my snarky comments. I had a blast doing all that…though, I was pulling my hair out too, that I forgot to add the “book collection” thing. They surround themselves with BOOKS but they don’t read! OMG!!!

      1. Mine, too! I think you and I have discussed this in the past about the books. It’s really mind-boggling how pathetic they really are. Just sad specimens. Hehe!

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