Attorneys and The Family Court System Profit off The Mentally Ill and Vulnerable

Attorneys and The Court System profit off The Mentally Ill and The Vulnerable

A Divorce Settlement with a Sociopath, August 23, 2012:

MS and I attended a Status Conference in January 2012.  The Judge ordered us to draw up an agreement between ourselves and submit it to the courts in April 2012 for our final divorce decree.

At this time, MS was acting like he was an amicable sort of fellow and was willing to be a “nice boy” and cooperate with me and the divorce proceedings.

MS drew up an agreement according to MS’s terms and weighing heavily to MS’s benefit.  I was still under the “Sociopath Spell” and wanted to be the “nice girl,” so I signed it.

I soon realized that I made a huge mistake and contacted MS via email to exclaim, “woops, that agreement is all for YOU and there is nothing that benefits me.”

I wrote MS that we would have to modify some key-points that were very unfair towards me and I told him NOT to submit the version into our Divorce File that I stupidly signed.

I then modified our “Settlement” in early February.  I submitted the new version to MS via email and explained: “This version is much more fair toward me and equitable to both of us.”  No response ever received from MS.

I wrote additional emails: “Do NOT submit that first version to our Divorce file.” You all know where this story is heading.

April 2012:  MS and I have another Status Conference where we are to submit our final divorce agreement.  MS madly grabs the first “Woops Settlement” and throws it at the Status Conference woman.

I exclaimed, “No, I modified it, here is the modified version.”

The Status Conference woman knew that this was not settling, gave us another Status Conference date and sent us on our way.

MS threatened me as we were walking out the Courthouse: “I’m hiring an attorney.” I stated: “Go ahead.”

MS hires an attorney.  I reached out to MS’s attorney in a very nice, calm, and rational way and stated: “I’m sure you know by now this man is very mentally-ill and just tries to control, ruin, and then destroy.  He has done this to many women in his past, he even tried to destroy his own daughter, and if you would, please read his other divorce file.  I am a nice person, there is nothing to fight over, this should not have reached this level.  I am willing to discuss this.  We can mediate this.”

Attorney ignored my pleas, never tried to “mediate” with me, basically didn’t care and was only focused on what he was receiving from MS.  Of course.

I was finally forced to hire an attorney.  Literally forced.  There was another court date where MS showed up with his attorney, I was sitting all by myself, and the Judge assigned us another court date: I asked, “Should I hire an attorney?” and the Judge said, “Yes, that would be a good idea.”

Back to our Final Settlement Conference, Divorce Day on August 23, 2012:

Final Divorce Terms

Almost exactly as MY MODIFIED VERSION of our own Settlement agreement that I wrote in February.  Uncanny…almost exactly.

However, the way that I worded some items, benefited me more, and some items, benefited MS more.  So in a strange way: It is basically the Same Agreement but now both MS and I have been further weakened by the Court System.

Not to mention the financial repercussions to both of us because MS’s mental illness and need to control and devastate and out of MS’s very own mouth: “Feeding Attorneys that only want to keep people apart and fighting.”

Sociopaths have no memory because their minds are so chaotic, so did I remind MS of the terms of my Modified Version?  Of course.

Soon after our divorce, I re-emailed him the Modified Version of our Divorce Agreement that I wrote back in February and added a little tag-line, “Does this look familiar?”

Did I perhaps send my Settlement Version of February to MS’s attorney?  Of course I did, and with the same tag-line: “Does this look familiar?” 

Attorneys getting rich off the Mentally Ill and vulnerable.  The Family Court System taking advantage of the Mentally Ill and vulnerable.  I now understand why the “players” in our court-system are referred to as “Bottom Feeders.”  The Family Court System in our country: Deplorable.  

Lynna (My Sociopath)


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

11 thoughts on “Attorneys and The Family Court System Profit off The Mentally Ill and Vulnerable”

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    1. Umm, I’m glad you’re back. But apparently I miessd some news. I had no idea you were going through a divorce? I am so sorry you’re having to go through something like that. I understand and respect you wanting to not discuss it. Please just know if you ever need someone to talk to or vent I’m glad to be here for ya.Also, just catching up on your Savannah posts…way to go on the half marathon!! Proud of you!

  2. Love your article. Kudos to you for gintetg a publishing deal for three books and gintetg Nathan as your agent! I think your conclusions about specific lessons to be learned from your experience, however, are deeply flawed. First of all, you underestimate your ability to write query letters. You obviously wrote a query letter that landed a three-book deal from a publishing house! Here are the conclusions I reached after reading your article:- Write a good book. Edit it.- Socialize with agents online.- Find a publisher.- Then contact an agent. With a publishing deal already in hand, agents will be happy to represent you. Agents with whom you’ve socialized online might be extra happy to represent you. (As an aside, I should probably mention that I have a major publishing house interested in my book without having received any interest from agents in response to my query letters.)

    1. The tips article was very inviomatrfe, there are some things that are hard to do, in my case I canb4t stop being mad at my ex husband, and I donb4t know how long will it take me, but I really try not to start fights on the telephone, still Ib4m sure he pushes my buttons bringing my son later than we agreed, or feeding him junk food, which I donb4t approve, things like that.

  3. Same exact thing with MS, only his first atty fired him and he got a second one as crazy as he his—funded by his parents, of course—one a sociopath and on PA. Finally, it is over and done, and I “won,” but they continue their assault of the guardian ad litem a year later.

    1. OneHotMess,
      I’m glad it worked out for you but sorry about the continuing aggravation. Yes, they find crazy attorneys. I’ve done a lot of reading about sociopaths and it seems a lot are attorneys as well! Explains so much!

  4. Whoisbert,
    just received your comment, haven’t been to my blog in a while…spending too much time on facebook…thank you for nice words of encouragement.
    I’m gonna get over to you can check out your blog now: ) Lynna

    1. I find this post encouraging and daigourscing, all at once. It seems unfair that in order to get the attention of agents who had already deemed you unfit for their efforts, you had to do part of their job by garnering the attention of a publisher. How bad could your query REALLY have been if this added incentive made them “see the light” regarding your novel? I am convinced that agents who ask you to submit sample pages with your query don’t read those pages if they don’t like your query, and I feel like you’ve proven me right. Whatever your query was missing, your sample pages should have been enough to give an agent pause, but you had to go above and beyond. And as someone who writes crappy queries, that irks me!

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