The Mentally Ill use the Internet as a Toilet – Especially Facebook

Think of the people these Sickos are attracting on Facebook.  It’s a bunch of sick people feeding sick people.  

Every time I speak to someone about their experience with a sociopath, a common thread is his antics on Facebook and how “he moved on so quickly” and “I am left devastated and destitute.”

Yes, a Sociopath moves on right away because they are NOT capable of forming emotional bonds.  That’s what defines a Sociopath/Psychopath!  However, in the not long ago past, he would have to work at obtaining his next “victim” and it would take some time and effort.   The Sociopath would have to smooze it up with some lonely single or married woman at his workplace and wine/dine her (often while in the relationship with the current woman) or he’d have to hit the bars and hone in on his next “target” and spend actual money and time obtaining her (buying her drinks, etc).

With Facebook: No effort needed.  There is a new target around every corner.  MS “friend connects” (yeah right, “friend” shit, what are you 12?) and finds his next target in a matter of minutes.  MS meets new people at social gatherings and immediately starts taking strange pictures with the only intent of posting them on his Facebook.  What normal man does this kind of S@#$!  WARNING SIGN PEOPLE!!!

MS did this when he met me.  He took abundant pictures of me and posted them on MySpace and MS even said  to me: I hope Karen, G**** and my daughter sees this.  His daughter hasn’t spoken to him in 7-1/2 years and MS tries to get her jealous through his Facebook antics.

However, MS appears to be a “socially accepted and and connected man of the community” on Freaky Facebook and the potential “new targets” sees him as such and therefore, a weird “trusting” relationship forms on  Quicksand Images.  Mark Zuckerberg has to be a Sociopath/Psychopath to come up with such INSANITY.

MS was one of the first on AOL Chat and at the time was with his first wife and daughter.  His wife didn’t give him is own way and she stuck with her plan to go to Turkey for 1-month (MS turns the ‘story’ into 3-months, all lies have a grain of truth, that is why it’s hard to pin a sociopath in a lie) in order to work on her M.A. in Anthropology.

MS threw a SPOILED ROTTEN-BRAT BABY FIT as soon as wife stepped on the plane, MS immediately  jumped on AOL Chat.  He cried the “blues” on the “abuse” and “neglect” he was subjected to via the hands of the “cruel, monster wife” (yes, to strangers on a public forum) and wha-f’en-la: Karen pops up and feels his lonely breaking creepy-heart and  runs to Carlsbad to save his poor baby-ass in need of a diaper change.

Before the wife was back from Turkey, he had completely moved on and was practically living with the “Poopy Baby-Diaper Changer” and when the wife stepped off the plane from Turkey, MS announces: “Haha, you went to Turkey, so I found someone else!” in a “gotcha” sort of way.

Poor first wife: If only she stayed in Turkey and buried herself in the ancient ruins, she would have done better. 

Wife eventually files for divorce (no, dah) and MS and Karen harass the wife all during the process of the divorce via lies, manipulated “witness statements,” frivolous restraining orders, and just trying to break her down.  The enabling Turkish sister (oh god, she’s a psychologist, help us all) and her husband also participate in the tear-down of the wife, remember:

MS is the poor brutalized baby-girl in poopy diapers and needs a sick group of supporters to beat down the abusive wife monster and clean up MS’s dirty crap flying all over the place.  

As far as Karen is concerned: He found her through AOL chat and what kind of woman would run to save a poopy-diapered baby girl crying on AOL chat…Hmmmm…

And NOW, think of the people these Sickos are attracting on Facebook.  It a bunch of sick people feeding sick people.  

Do not watch the stupidity of your Sociopath on Facebook unless you need evidence for a court matter.  A Sociopath will lie to the courts about his financial situation to get out of paying Spousal or Child Support and will creepily display his money-expenditures on creepy women (to get your “goat” and to appear like a lovable, sociable, generous man) on Facebook.  Yes, if there is a court case, take ScreenShots, but if not, get off of Facebook and don’t watch the creep!

Or, hehe, play his sick game and put on his same Theater FaceBook Show and drive his crazy ass even crazier: /

Disclaimer: Last sentence not spoken by a real Psychologist: )  Only do this if he cannot physically harm you, your children/family, or your pets.


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

7 thoughts on “The Mentally Ill use the Internet as a Toilet – Especially Facebook”

  1. I agree! Sometimes loneliness will attract Facebook Users, as well. But, yes, Sociopaths and Narcissists lurk on Facebook, and Facebook Groups, looking for their targets. As you know, Sociopaths and Narcissists need constant fuel, and one person cannot fill their fuel needs. They get bored easily. It’s not about intimacy, it’s about Fuel for them- a constant, incoming supply. I have lots of poems and things on my blog about NPD, Sociopathy… I have had my own experiences with these kind, and their “Troops, Flying Monkeys”, and “Enablers”. They are so glib and “charming”, even though it’s just a mask.

    1. Hello Daisies, So true: “It’s not about intimacy, it’s about Fuel for them- a constant, incoming supply.” If you don’t have your own blog to post your writings, you’re welcome to send something to me. I can post them for you as a Guest Writer. You can use your real name or a pseudonym. Let me know.:)

      1. Thank you so much! You can REBLOG anything you wish from my site under mine, or my sister’s name. Well, my name is: Tamara Yancosky Moore. I did not realize you were a professional consultant 🙂 I will read more of this post of yours ASAP, concerning what you do. I have been a bit of a magnet my whole life.

  2. I deactivated Facebook a long time ago. People think they own you and judge absolutely everything you post, or say, on Facebook. People take sides against you, like children, and use someone to scapegoat. Facebook is a Bully- Site.

    1. I agree. Facebook is extremely childish. I have a page just for My Sociopath postings. But I had to have a personal page to start a community page: i keep my so-called “friends” list to a minimum, I don’t post on my “personal” page, only on “My Sociopath,” and I don’t do a lot on my “personal” news-feed where others are posting nonsense. I will only “like” positive posts and only on occasion. I cringe at the lowly, superficial, time-wasting, life-wasting stuff that others broadcast. I even cringe for these people’s wasted life. 😦 It makes me afraid for humanity.

    1. Hi Yiota,

      Haven’t been to my blog forever and even now, can’t figure out how to locate “comments” (lol).

      I just reread this posting and I can’t believe I was writing about “diapers” and other bodily “functions.” Too funny to go back and read our old writings.
      I will go check out your blog: ) Thank you for your support!


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