Sociopaths/Psychopaths use Facebook to falsely represent themselves

Sociopaths use Facebook to promote a FALSE “socially loved and accepted” appearance of themselves.  Sociopaths love Facebook because they can represent any image that they want!  Especially the OLDER Sociopath!

MS has superficial relationships with anyone that he meets. Soon after meeting someone, he will refer to this person and introduce him/her to others as “my good friend.”

If he cannot USE the woman for her hard work, good reputation, house, money or care-taking (cooking/cleaning/babying his ass), he will turn the woman into an “Exchange Service” Supporter.

This means that he will do her small favors (he is a repair man) but “cry” to her about all the hard work involved. In exchange she will be forever grateful and respond back with more generosity, support and enabling of his “being a baby and a victim” sickness.

MS then appears as if he is a solid man of the community with abundant relationships. It is a facade. If you look behind the “smoke and mirrors,” you will find MS can’t sustain an intimate relationship and it is ALWAYS THE WOMAN’S FAULT (she was either neglectful of his needs, crazy, or THE ABUSER).

AGAIN: Number ONE indicator of a Sociopath, they are always the VICTIM!  His own daughter hasn’t spoken to him in 7-1/2 years but of course the daughter is “crazy” because the “horrible mother made her crazy and turned her against him.”

As far as MS’s relationship with other men: They are all weaker men and in need of his “support” and it is based on “Exchange Services,” you do for me, I do for you…

Armando: Doesn’t speak good English, is poor and does drywall and home repairs for a living.

Ned: Doesn’t speak good English, is poor and does house painting for a living.

Rich: Struggling financially with a large family and does car repairs for a living.

A.J.: Might be mentally ill also, he cannot sustain anything healthy either and they provoke each other into the “all women are bitches” rants; he manages a restaurant chain and gives MS abundant free food when MS cries that it took him 5-days to repair a digital meat-thermometer when in fact it took him 2-minutes to repair.

Oh poor Aman: Afghan Refuge from the 1970’s Afghan/US Refuge program, still doesn’t speak a word of English, MS gets him to open up the business and sit there watching out for the place and doing odd jobs for $10.00/day.

Various men and women that MS is using to gain power on his HOA board. Yes, I am the one that campaigned for 2-years to get him elected to his HOA board.  Smart me.  Sociopaths need positions of power and CONTROL.  If they are not successful in real life, they may seek out HOA board positions.   

Too many more “friends” to list:  MS has said horrible things about each and everyone one of his “friends” to me.  So if any of you that think MS just talks horrible about his “current abuser,” you don’t think he’s talking equally horrible about you?

MS also latches onto the friends of other people, immediately sucks them in with offers of “generosity,” picking up the tab at bars/restaurants, offering to help with a home/car repair or project,  or just offering “helpful advice.”  MS did this to me.  He latched onto all my friends and TOOK THEM ALL OVER with acts of extreme (and weird) generosity.

Back to a 60-year old man creeping around on Facebook. MS displays weird pictures of people standing in crowds. The pictures are bad shots, the people in them do not look good and there is NO relevance or meaning to the shots.  Often, people look “weirded-out” that MS is even taking a picture.

MS is NOT really enjoying his time with people, he merely attends these events to smell out another “target” or to gain “support” for his self-indulgent need to “cry” that he is an “abused and innocent little boy” and just maybe to catch the attention of the “mothering, care-taking type” of a woman that will feel pity for him and take care of his baby-ass…

MS’s motivation in “socializing” are for self-preservation only and instead of “bonding” with humans, he is snapping irrelevant pictures that he is thinking, even before attending the event, that he will be post on his creepy Facebook page, in order to make it look as if he is a “socially accepted animal.” Perhaps then, another “care-taking mother” figure will see the pix (he connects with strangers on FB) and cries out: “Wow, what a socially connected man in the community he is, he is loved, he is known, therefore, he is safe.”  WRONG!  This is what gets innocent and caring women into trouble!

Please be careful of APPEARANCES ONLY!  Sociopath’s love Facebook!  It gives them a platform to represent themselves anyway that they want!  Do not get caught up in images only.  Even so called “normal” people use Facebook to only represent a certain image.  Look DEEPER!  

If he has divorces: GO DOWN TO THE COURTHOUSE AND READ ALL DIVORCE FILES, FROM ALL DIVORCES!  Everything he told me about his FIRST DIVORCE, was the OPPOSITE!  It took me 5-hours to read through his first divorce file.  BUT I DID THIS 4-YEARS TOO LATE!  DON’T BE ME!!!


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

6 thoughts on “Sociopaths/Psychopaths use Facebook to falsely represent themselves”

  1. mysociopath: You are awesome. Succinct and very, very poignant advice. I say the same, “Don’t be like me!”

  2. I should have gone to the courthouse. I didn’t. My X blocked me from his Facebook page telling me that he deactivated his account. LIAR! He could block my family but not friends. Is he stupid? Yes. So, he did deactivate his account for a while. I’m sure he has a new one, but I really don’t care anymore. But it’s important for people to know this happens.

    1. yes, that is my words to anyone in a new relationship. If there are “red flags” and if he is divorced, go down to the court house, go into the computer, get the case number, take the case number up to the “viewing counter,” and request THE FILE!!! Cost NO money, you just need to show ID. I DID THIS 4-YEARS TOO LATE and I AM BEATING MYSELF UP NOW OVER IT. Everything he told me about his first marriage, was the opposite!

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