Vista Family Court with a Sociopath/Psychopath and his Attorney

There must be safeguards in Family Court to identify a Sociopath.  Judges and attorneys must receive training on the Red Flags involved and most sociopaths/psychopaths are NOT killers!  Very few Sociopaths are killers: Sociopaths are DESTROYERS and DOMINATORS!

MS recently loan-modified his condo, retained a business that I grew while MS sat on the internet or gossiped with everyone, owns a home with another woman that he bought while married to me, preserved his 3-vehicles during our marriage (used and destroyed mine), owns 3 homes and has Savings in Turkey…

During our marriage: MS talked me into short selling my condo, my student loans went into deferment, I gave him all my savings, I never spent any of the business money that I earned (really: no shopping, luxuries, girlie stuff, nothing!) and with my final $17,000 (received as a settlement from my condo’s HOA for a mold issue [construction defect]), MS talked me into buying a Mobile home (he was renting out his condo).

The Mobile Home is now worth $20,000: $17,000 my money, $3,000 marriage money in which $1,500 is mine.

January 30, 2012: Judge Lowe issues Temporary Orders that I maintain possession of the Mobile Home (that I bought, when he has condo, homes with other women and in Turkey, etc) and MS is not to cause problems with me with my neighbors via harassment and slander.  I don’t meet age requirements of Mobile Home Park; MS brought this issue up to Judge Lowe and she explained that it was NOT her Jurisdiction-It’s between Me and Management-Leave her Alone!

MS defies these orders, calls and visits my neighbors (he is a repair man) and provokes a controversy about me being here (he cries, remember Sociopaths are always the VICTIM):  I’m homeless, she took my home, I’m the one that is over 55 and deserves to live here, not her!  Sociopath’s LIE: he just completed a Loan Modification for his CONDO!

MS finds an Attorney:  Attorney files a Motion to take possession of the mobile home that I bought on the premise of: SHE DOESN’T MEET AGE REQUIREMENTS and now there MAY be a controversy involved regarding this because a neighbor asked MS questions regarding her!

What!  No one asked about me!  MS is the one that came in here and started the gossip.  The neighbors told me how it happened!  Everything gets turned around with a Sociopath!!!  

A Sociopath will take an event and flip the origins of it around and then upside down!

I then file a Contempt.  MS went against court orders and filed a frivolous Motion…and I had abundant proof.  MS claimed that “Valerie” instigated all the gossip to him but there is NO Valerie in the entire community.

MS claims in his frivolous Motion that he needs to get the Mobile Home back because if it is discovered that he is not following Park Rules (me and age requirements), he will not be able to rent in another Mobile Home Park.  He bought another MOBILE HOME IN ANOTHER PARK while Married to me!  I put the other Mobile Home TITLE with the other woman in our file! (MS is really into mobile homes).  

Today in Vista Family Court: Judge Lowe talked me out of the Contempt and convinced me to do the Pre-trial Conference (or something like that).  Contempt taken off of Calendar.  I HOPE I DID THE RIGHT THING!

A Sociopath will make a mess out of the Court System.  All over a $20,000 mobile home that I paid for.


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

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