How does a Sociopath Love?

MS sits on the internet (FB) “crying” for “love.” He even “Likes” the “Love” Community and post youtube “love songs.” MS is almost 60-years old and of course done with yet another relationship (me). Creepy! No one seeing this as odd behavior?

MS version of “Love” is to suck another woman, any woman for he is NOT particular, of their life’s energy and in return he does the following to her: dominates, controls, isolates, spies on, lies, disenfranchises, cheats, humiliates, destroys all layers of her life. This is “love” to MS. 

MS wants an Enabling and Mothering woman to cook for and take care of all his baby needs and then lay around, pretending to work hard, as he hunts for other women on the internet and at our business to satisfy his creepy need for attention and stimulation (a new person to tell his stories of “abuse” to and get fresh “pity” from). 

MS attracts other women with stories of how he is abused, neglected, and not taken care of by the current woman in his life. He has endless stories of “crazy ex’s” and his “dedication and hard work” toward them, yet they all were “lazy” and had numerous “defects” in various other categories.

If this were all NOT crazy enough: MS has a sister who is a Psychologist who goes along with her brother’s endless nightmare of a life and cries out “Abi, Abi” (“brother” in Turkish; term of respect) every time she is around him and then proceeds to clean his home shortly after her 26-hour long plane trip from Turkey. 

note: I would be in the home cleaning but MS and I were often “separated” because of his endless lies, tricks, manipulations, creepy women lingering everywhere, harmful games and overall destruction.


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

4 thoughts on “How does a Sociopath Love?”

  1. My X turns 37 soon. If I can just keep any woman from procreating with him, I’ll be happy. No child deserves such evil as a parent. And no woman needs to be trapped with him as a co-parent. Honestly, I think his sperm are deformed and he can’t get a woman pregnant. I think the Universe mutated him enough that a healthy egg will spit him out, literally! At least I hope this to be true. 🙂

    1. Yes, when I began a relationship with MS he was 53 years old (I am 13 years younger) and the first thing he said to me was that he wanted to have a baby. He already has a 25-year old daughter that HATES HIM and hasn’t spoken to him for 7-1/2 years. Of course he blames the “crazy mother” for that.

    2. oh about the sperm thing….too true. MS has been struggling with ED for 10 years now (that I know of, before my time). He has tried all sorts of pills, injections, everything, used all the business money that i was earning for treatments, and nothing worked!

      1. Jackie Posted on I read books for a while but now I changed it to great blogs, your place is one of the emlepaxs why I began to pay attention to internet resources. Good luck!

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