Do Sociopaths find Sociopath Attorneys?

MS depleted me raw of all my labor, finances, reputation, and energy. There is nothing left. MS even destroyed the business that I made strong, left him with, and walked away from with nothing.

MS spends all his time on the internet (FB) or standing around the business (instead of working) engaging all his Sick Supporters in gossip, slandering other human beings (ME!), telling stories of “drama” and always “crying” of being “The Victim.”

MS and I have soon approaching Court Dates for our divorce. The divorce that he turned the filing around on me (I was filing against him, he “cried” for me to postpone filing, he then filed against me). There is NOTHING left of our marriage because MS dismantled and destroyed everything, yet he hired an Attorney. He is giving this attorney, more money than what is left in our marriage.

With A Sociopath, it’s all about “Winning!” MS told me that he spent 10’s of thousands on attorneys for his first divorce because he wanted to “teach her a lesson.” MS told me that once he “won everything in court,” he “gave things back to his ex.” Also weird: MS HATES attorneys but nothing makes sense with a Sociopath.

I was told at the beginning of this divorce that it is so apparent that there is NOTHING left of our marriage and that I sacrificed and gave everything away, and MS was destroying everything that I was building, that if MS should find an attorney to represent his side, it would be a Sociopath Attorney.

The story gets weirder. I called his newly hired attorney in January of 2012 seeking a consultation. This attorney repeated his empathy for my situation and beckoned me to come almost immediately to his office. This was my first call to an attorney (Mr. N) and also just found a tutoring position that I was newly starting.

I was thrown out of whack this day (wasn’t expecting such suddenness) and ran out of the house to get to Mr. N’s without his address and my cell phone. I just remembered Jefferson Street. I proceeded to drive up and down Jefferson, not realizing that it has many attorney offices, and started randomly going into these offices. I did not have a consult with any of these.

I gave up after a 40-minutes or so and then turned my focus to figuring out my new tutoring schedule/locations. I did not arrive home until late that evening and figured “ahh, too late to call Mr. N with an explanation of my weird day driving up and down Jefferson and without a cell phone.”

Four months later Mr. N is representing MS. This could be because MS is lying to Mr. N and Mr. N is a great, upstanding lawyer that does not know the “real case” or is Mr. N a sadistic Sociopath that is not only seeking revenge on my “no show” but feeding a Sociopath because he himself is a Sociopath?

There is also the chance that since MS has a repair shop located near Mr. N, there is yet another “exchange service” deal worked out. I could not get a haircut unless MS worked out an “exchange deal” with a local hairdresser (fixing their $150.00 hairdryers). We would only be able to eat at restaurants in town if MS repaired one of their appliances and we got free food out of the deal.

I am still trying to hold onto the hope that humanity is NOT this SICK and Mr. N is a great guy that is being fooled by MS. I don’t know yet. I will keep you all informed.


Author: My Sociopath

Oceanside, California

3 thoughts on “Do Sociopaths find Sociopath Attorneys?”

  1. I luckily did not marry my Sociopathic X. However, when I first started my blog and website dedicated to my book about my experience, he hired a lawyer who sent me a cease and desist letter. You see, I had been asked by my X to create a website for his business prior to leaving him. I had purchased domain name/URL and a Go Daddy account. After leaving him, I forgot about it until he contacted me 8 months later demanding that I take the page down, that he had never authorized the site. I said I would and that I would put the domain name up for auction on GoDaddy. He said he didn’t need it. Of he ever wanted a website, he’d purchase the .net version. Okay, I say. Then my stepfather dies and the X says something about my family that makes me sick to my stomach. So, I start publishing my story to the web using the domain name I purchased for his site. The letter from the lawyer made me laugh because I knew the X had not trade marked his business name AND I had the e-mail proving the X didn’t want the domain name when I offered it to him. I called the lawyer upon reading the letter and told him and his client to go fuck themselves. Haha! I still own and use MY domain name he said he did not want:

    1. not the same story, but about “cease and desist:”
      “he” was harassing me in my home…instigating the neighbors against me, there was a court order that he is “NOT to harass me or instigate the neighbors against me” because he complained to the Judge that I did NOT meet age-requirements of the senior complex. However, I bought the home. So the Judge told him to “just leave me alone about the age requirement” and it was “not her jurisdiction” so she wrote up the orders that he is not to interfere with my living here.
      He IMMEDIATELY DEFIED THE COURT ORDERS, came into my neighborhood and started “crying” to the 75-85 year old residents that he “is homeless” (he has 5 other homes: 2 in US and 3 in Turkey) and “I stole his home from him” and “I don’t even meet age requirements.”

      I found out and sent a nice email to his attorney that MS “cease and desist” in instigating my neighbors against me and defying court orders. HIS ATTORNEY IGNORED MY “CEASE AND DESIST.”

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