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Ancient Wisdom Gaia – Seeking Truth


Were you swept off your feet by a charming person who was filled with exhilarating energy, who made you feel “high,” who took you places you’d never experienced before and they seemed too good to be true?

Did he or she love-bomb you, overcome all your senses quickly and seem to be your perfect, ideal match…your soul mate, to only devalue or discard you a few months, or even a few weeks, later?

Does this person switch your words and the details of things that occur in your relationship around (gas-light), provoke you into emotional reactions, pit people against you (smear campaign), isolate and exclude you so they can focus on other people (triangulating you with other ego-sources), and play the cruel, silent treatment or disappearing act when you have questions or concerns about your relationship?

Does this person love-bomb you, then disappear, then reappear to love-bomb you again? He/she is likely pursuing other ego-sources and/or targets when pulling the “disappearing act” on you.

Are you insecure and filled with anxiety because this person makes sure that you are never on solid-ground of knowing, really knowing, where you stand with them?

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Deliberation

Does this person manipulate and sabotage your emotional, physical and/or financial health and then claim that you are misunderstanding or you are too sensitive?

Is the reason you don’t leave this person, because you are emotionally, mentally and physical entrenched in his/her Push and Pull Game? Push you away: distance, devalue, silent-treatment, disappearing act and discard…then Pull you back with food, fun, sex, gifts and entertainment.

If any of the above seems familiar to you, you may be dealing with a Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath or Borderline. All these Personality Disorders are confusing and there is a lack of education and understanding regarding people that have these destructive disorders and who repeatedly ruin innocent partners and those closest to them. It is often the case that these innocent people, playthings of harmful people, are Empaths or Co-Dependents who were raised in dysfunctional homes and experienced abuse and/or neglect as children.

Empaths and/or Co-dependents are the ones that tolerate these destructive relationships the longest because we lack boundaries, doubt our perceptions, have a forgiving nature and tend to want to believe that all people are good. We think everyone is like us even though evidence proves otherwise.

This is why terrible people tend to target people that are nurturing and are healers.

People with these destructive personalities are not serial killers but come across very charming and likable. They often have a network of supporters (enablers) around them because they know how to ingratiate themselves through shallow flattery, doing inappropriate favors for people, and being The Grand Gesture King/Queen.

In the mean time, he is destroying the person closest to him, his intimate partner, but no one believes her because not only is he lying to his supporters about what is happening between them, but these supporters are non-thinkers and are lulled into laziness and complacency because of his shallow “giving” and flattery. These supporters will stand by his side because they are not doing anything good in their own lives anyway and hence, believe they are benefiting by supporting him against “another terrible woman.” Cycle repeats forever between the Sociopath, Empath, and Apath.

The intimate partner is left isolated and with no one that will believe her because the person with the personality disorder destroys in such a backhanded and deceptive way that the victim goes into reaction mode, thus looking “crazy,” while the destroyer remains calm, thus looking “innocent.” Combine this with the sociopath’s or narcissist’s expert ability to divide and rule people and we have a victim with nowhere to go and no one to talk to.


The author of the recently released book, “My Sociopath,” is now offering special rates on her relationship consulting and help services. She has a Master’s in Education, and is a credentialed teacher and a certified yoga instructor with practiced hours in therapeutic massage.

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